RPC's are used to request data from the server or invoke something on the server.

Client side

The following code calls the RPC Plugin.TopicName with an object that has one attribute named foo, value bar. Then it passed a callback into the returned promise that logs the responseData to the developer console.

cakeWamp.call('Plugin.TopicName', {
  foo: 'bar'
}).then(function(responseData) {

Server side

The server side is a little more complicated. First you have to setup an Event Listener. In our example we'll create SearchListener.php in ./Event with the following contents:


App::uses('CakeEventListener', 'Event');

class SearchListener implements CakeEventListener {

	public function implementedEvents() {
		return array(
			'Rachet.WampServer.Rpc.search' => 'search',

	public function search(CakeEvent $event) {
		// With this function we'll search

(Make sure you'll attach this listener during bootstrap!)

In that search function you'll do your magic and get the results from what ever async source you are using and fulfill the promise. (For example you could use react/http-client to retrive the search results from elasticsearch.)

public function search(CakeEvent $event) {

That returns the string results! back to the client side promise waiting for a result.

A promise can also be rejected:

public function search(CakeEvent $event) {