Ratchet for CakePHP wraps the Ratchet library and brings websockets to CakePHP. It's build on to of ReactPHP to bring non-blocking asynchronous IO to PHP.


The plugin initially started out as with all the components in one package. This resulted in a huge unfeasible plugin so I've cut in into components (each component in a separate plugin).


This foundation plugin that provides everything that is needed to build websocket-enabled sites and plugins.


This communication component makes interaction between normal parts of your application and the websocket service possible.


Notifies clients over websocket PubSub channels about changes in your applications stored data.

Additional Components

The following components don't directly add new features for the engineer designing the system but provide insights into the service's state and health


Hooks for PhuninNode to monitor the websocket service with munin.


For now just an idea to have an admin page with an overview of the websocket service's internal state and health